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Ultra High Density (UHD)

Conventional MBES increase bottom sampling density using overlapping beams, which fails to improve precision, resolution, or accuracy in a meaningful way. R2Sonic’s proprietary UHD is a revolutionary new orthogonal bottom detection process that increases the number of truly independent bottom samples from the standard 256 soundings per ping, up to 1024 independent soundings per ping. 

This represents an increase by a factor of 4!

UHD yields an exceptionally clean data set for surveys that require very high resolution, such as pipeline inspections, cable-laying operations, and detailed micro-bathymetry applications.

The UHD option can easily be enabled from the field.

UHD is an additional bottom sounding mode – users can always choose the classic 256 soundings in Equiangle or Equidistant distribution, or Dual or Quad mode.

R2Sonic Products

We offer a simplified portfolio of 4 MBES, all with wideband selectable operating frequencies. What sets R2Sonic apart is the ability to customize each sonar with any of our suite of revolutionary technical options. You can add any of these options to any sonar at any time. You can upgrade remotely from wherever you are, whenever you need.

captain and crew operating a multibeam echosounder on bridge of ship
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