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The Sonic™-V Series upgrades the traditional Sonic™ multibeam range with a compact VOX-IM unit with AC & DC power; modernized VOX Control user interface; new flat mounting bracket and a range of options for easy integration on all surface or subsea vessels.

The Sonic™-V PLUS Series is a complete multibeam value package at considerable cost and time saving. It comes complete with embedded INS, VOX-IM, SV Probe, Antennas, Cables, Mounting Bracket and modern VOX Control interface.

The Voxometer® is the revolutionary new MA3® Multi-Aspect Hydrospatial Survey System, powered by new patented technologies. An industry first that greatly reduces survey time and complexity, delivering near end quality data like never before.
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Multibeam Echosounders

The Sonic-V Series and Sonic-V PLUS Series consist of an advanced portfolio of 4 multibeam sonar models, differentiated by beamwidth and range
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Optional Technical Modes

Enjoy 4 standard modes already included with your multibeam sonar. Looking for something more? Upgrade your multibeam echosounder with up to 4 more technical modes, making this the most versatile multibeam sonar in the market. You have the option to upgrade your multibeam echosounder from anywhere, including in the field.
Ultra High Density (UHD) multibeam echosounder technical mode
Ultra High Density (UHD)
Ultra High Resolution (UHR) multibeam echosounder technical mode
Ultra High Resolution (UHR)
Pipeline Mode multibeam echosounder technical mode
Pipeline Mode
TruePix Compressed Water Column multibeam echosounder technical mode
TruePix® Compressed Water Column
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Best Resolution

Best resolution available in the market with the MBES Sonic 2024: 0.3° x 0.6°.
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Featured Applications


Dredgers must perform surveys in advance of any project to determine its size and scope. Multibeam echosounders are critical for evaluating the consistency of the river or seabed floor, and determining its mix of types of sediment.

Quay Walls / Vertical Structures

Quay wall and vertical structures must be planned and evaluated as they are built, inspected upon completion, and must undergo regular inspection and preventive maintenance.

Pipeline Inspections

Pipelines must be planned and evaluated as they are being installed, inspected upon completion, and undergo regular inspection, preventive maintenance, and any repair projects.
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dredger performing a survey using multibeam sonar
multibeam sonar scanned image of a quay wall
multibeam sonar scanned image of an underwater pipeline
crew in ship wheelhouse scanning with multibeam sonar

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  • 2009
    Sonic 2024 multibeam sonar and SIM unit
    Sonic™ 2024 & SIM
  • 2010
    Sonic 2022 multibeam sonar
    Sonic™ 2022
  • 2012
    scanned images using multibeam sonar
    TruePix® & Water Column & UHR
  • 2013
    Sonic 2020 multibeam sonar
    Sonic™ 2020
  • 2014
    SIMINS and I2NS multibeam sonar
  • 2015
    Sonic 2026 multibeam sonar
    Sonic™ 2026
  • 2016
    UHR image scanned with Sonic 2020 multibeam sonar
    UHR for Sonic™ 2020
  • 2017
    images scans taken with MBES
    UHD & Multifrequency
  • 2023
    Sonic™-V Series & Sonic™-V Plus
  • 2024
    Voxometer® to market
captain and crew operating a multibeam echosounder on bridge of ship
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