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Survey in 24cm of water depth

Technical Specifications

Acoustic Characteristics
Selectable Frequencies

200kHz - 450kHz
Option 700kHz


1° x 1° at 700kHz
1.8° x 1.8° at 450kHz
4° x 4° at 200kHz

Number of Soundings per Ping


Max Speed

11.1 knots for full coverage (The speed of the survey is primarily limited by the installation of the MBES)

Near-field Focusing
Roll Stabilized Beams
Pitch Stabilized Beams
User-Selectable Swath Sector in Real-Time

10° to 130°

Sounding Depth


Pulse Length

15µs – 1.115ms

Pulse Type

Shaped CW

Ping Rate

Up to 60Hz


Up to 60kHz

Immersion Depth

Option 4000m

Bottom Detect Resolution


Min Operating Temperature

-10° C

Max Operating Temperature

40° C

Storage Temperature

-30°C to 55°C

Electrical Interface

90-260V AC, 45-65Hz, or 10-55V DC

Power Consumption

20W avg

Uplink / Downlink

10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet

Sync In, Sync Out


Sonar Dimension

140 x 161 x 133.5 (mm)

Sonar Mass


VOX-IM Interface (LWH) & Mass

212 x 160 x 70.5mm; 2,9kg

Multibeam Echosounder

Elegantly simple recently upgraded Sonic-V Series portfolio. For multibeam sonars differentiated by their beamwidth and range. Each available as a competitively priced value package – the Sonic-V Series PLUS – or as a standalone Sonic-V Series system, with a range of options for all surface and subsea applications.
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captain and crew operating a multibeam echosounder on bridge of ship
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