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crew in ship wheelhouse scanning with multibeam sonar

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It takes time to calculate the optimum parameters like sector coverage, range setting, frequency, etc. to meet the survey specs (density of points and line spacing). Save time and headaches by using the R2Calculate software. Just enter a few key parameters and the program will make the calculations for you.


Multispectral Challenge

R2Sonic launched the Multispectral Challenge worldwide, challenging researchers and scientists across the globe to explore ways to use multispectral backscatter data for determining bottom type. Timo Gaida from Delft University of Technology was awarded first place. The prize? A Sonic 2026.

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Multispectral Water Column Challenge

Similar to the enhanced seafloor discrimination capabilities identified through the first R2Sonic Challenge, for the R2Sonic Multispectral Water Column Challenge, we encourage scientists and researchers to explore new and improved methods to identify, differentiate and characterize targets in the water column based on the responses observed at different frequencies.

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captain and crew operating a multibeam echosounder on bridge of ship
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