R2 Sonic (Our Vision is Sound)
Why R2sonic?

Why R2Sonic

For us, the cleaner the survey data that comes in, the easier it is to process. With the R2Sonic MBES, we can do a progress survey and have it back to the client on the dredge in about an hour. Noise in survey data can leave gaps. With clean data, however, you know you don't have to go back and fill them in. - Neil Hewitt, Managing Director at Precision Hydrographic Survey (PHS)

Clean Data Saves You Time and Money

Collect Data

Bathymetry, backscatter and/or water column

Process the Data

With any software of your choice

Get the Best Results

USS Arizona: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Survey at the Highest Resolution Possible

Sonic 2024 at 700kHz: 0.3°x0.6°

The smallest footprint available in the industry.

Operating Frequency Range in Increments of 1Hz

90kHz / 100kHz & 170kHz – 450kHz & 700kHz

Incomparable flexibility to modify the frequency anytime, so that it's always the best one for the job.

We meet IHO specifications for every single frequency

Integrate Any Sonic Series on Any Platform

Sonic™ 2026
Sonic™ 2024
Sonic™ 2022
Sonic™ 2020
Small Vessel
Surface Vessel
Large Vessel

Be Part of the Industry Leading Innovation

R2Sonic Was the First to Invent:

  1. 60Hz broadband processing
  2. Wideband 170-450kHz
  3. 700kHz option (UHR)
  4. Narrowest beamwidths (0.3° x 0.6°)
  5. Embedded processing for lowest power, weight, and volume
  6. Scalable sector swath
  7. Switchable forward looking sonar output
  8. Integrated Inertial Navigation System (I2NS)
  9. Standard 3-year warranty
  10. Optional extended 6-year warranty

Get Trained on the Sonic Series in Few Hours

Learn On Your Own or
We'll Train You in Just a Few Hours

Only a few straight-forward steps to install the multibeam sonar.

Simple user interface.

Learn to navigate the program in only a few hours.

The attribute that made the difference was mainly the user-friendly aspect. We are not specialized hydrographers, and once the multibeam is properly interfaced with the ship, the R2Sonic is the most easy to use for non-skilled people. - Denis Degez, DRASSM

Take Advantage of a Sonar that is Versatile and Scalable with Multiple Technical Modes


Single Frequency TruePix®

One-pass multifrequency TruePix®

Ultra High Density (UHD)

Ultra High Resolution (UHR)

Pipeline Mode

One-Pass Dual Frequency Survey

One-Pass Multifrequency Backscatter

Unlock New Opportunities Upgrading your Multibeam Anytime and Anywhere

Upgrade Your Sonar with New Technical Modes, Remotely and Anytime

Purchasing a Multibeam is a big investment.

Upgrade your hardware as your needs evolve.

Adopt new features as they come out.

  • Ultra High Density (UHD)
  • Pipeline Mode
  • Multispectral Backscatter
  • Forward Looking Sonar (FLS)
  • Ultra High Resolution (UHR)
  • TruePix® Compressed Water Column (CWC)
  • Multispectral TruePix® Compressed Water Column (CWC)
  • Multifrequency Bathymetry

Receive Personalized Assistance Anytime, Anywhere

We Are Here To Help

Problems can Happen and We'll Be There to Help 24/7/365
Call, Text or Email Us If You Need Technical Assistance

Charles Brennan
Chief Hydrographic Engineer
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Mitigate Your Risks

Extended Warranty

6-year warranty on all Sonic series!

Don't worry about surveying in harsh conditions and around the clock.

Rest assured, we stand by our multibeam echosounders.

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