What Can I Do With TruePix®?

Qimera Water Column Tool Showing TruePix & Raw Water Column

What is TruePix?

Exclusively available on R2Sonic sonars, TruePix® is a combination of a Range-Time-Series (like Side Scan) with angular information for each time slice (like Snippets). Unlike Snippets, where each beam returns information anchored around the Bottom Detect Window, TruePix® can report multiple targets per beam at different ranges. TruePix® is independent of the Bottom Detect and can accurately report information from the water column (amplitude, range and angle) in multiple range bins (Figure 1).

TruePix® records any return from the water column, not limited by the bottom detect reference, and the volume of data with TruePix® is 128 times smaller than with the traditional water column. A survey requiring Water Column recording of vertical point targets can record TruePix® at 25 MB per minute of disk space instead of 2000 MB per minute, saving hours of post-processing.

Infographic of TruePix sonar reporting multiple targets per beam at different ranges.

Figure 1: Multiple Detections per Beam


  • It provides water column and backscatter data
  • It is independent of the bottom detect process
  • It returns a small volume of data since each data point is independent of one another
  • It rejects the majority of external noises


In addition, TruePix delivers 4 types of data products, allowing users to leverage it in a wide variety of applications:

  • Water Column Recording for Target Detection:
    • Figure 2 shows three examples of how TruePix® dots detect the same features as Raw Water Column but at 1/128th the data rate
  • TruePix® Dots as Bathymetry Points:
    • Figure 3 is a plot of TruePix® Dots as 3D points rather than Beams or Soundings.
  • Backscatter Mosaic:
    • Figure 4 compares FM Geocoder Snippets mosaic results to SonarWiz TruePix® mosaic
  • SideScan Waterfall:
    • Figure 5 illustrates how TruePix® can be plotted like traditional Sidescan data to do object detection.
Screen captures of the Qimera Water Column Tool comparing TruePix and raw water column data.

Figure 2: Qimera Water Column Tool Showing TruePix® & Raw Water Column


SonarWiz screen capture of a pier area.

Figure 3: Pier Area Processed in SonarWiz


Screen capture of FM Geocoder Snippets data.

Figure 4a: FM Geocoder Snippets Image


Screen capture of SonarWiz TruePix Mosaic data.

Figure 4a: SonarWiz TruePix® Mosaic


Screen capture of TruePix as SideScan in the SonarWiz interface.

Figure 5: TruePix® as SideScan in SonarWiz



Not only does TruePix® unlock easy access to water column data by making it accessible with a reduced volume of data, it also provides side scan imagery and high quality bathymetry and backscatter data.

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