An automatic mode that accounts for empirical data

The R2Sonic ROBO™ mode is the only automatic feature that relies on empirical data provided by advanced algorithms. The ROBO™ mode works in conjunction with the Saturation Monitor to correctly, and accurately set the system Gain.

The user does not have to set up the mode, nor populate any tables; everything is preset.

Depending on the selected Range, ROBO™ mode will adjust Power and Pulse Width based on historical data. The receiver Gain is determined by the degree of receiver saturation, which is the primarily influenced by the strength of the reflected acoustic energy. The strength of the reflected acoustic energy is determined by:

  1. Source Level
  2. Pulse Width
  3. Seafloor characteristics


Employing the complex calculations used to determine the degree of receiver saturation makes the ROBO™ mode intelligent and robust. The user can, if so desired, change the parameters for the auto gain adjustment.

It is recommended to enable Range Trac™ and Gate Trac™ to complete the fully automatic operation.


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