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Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, A2 Marine provides solutions and equipment for applications in hydrography, bathymetric surveys and precise positioning. With over 15 years’ cumulative experience in the survey industry, A2’s professionals are committed to offering leading products, backed by knowledgeable support.

Surveying for a mining giant

With a carbon fiber hull and compact size of just 160cm x 70cm x 40cm, Ocean Alpha’s SL40 ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) is a sophisticated waterjet hydrographic surveying platform. Weighing 35kg and able to accommodate a 15kg payload, the SL40 is designed for stability and automatic collision avoidance.

Alex Franco, Managing Director of A2 Marine, recently fitted a Sonic 2020 to the SL40 for Vale, the Brazilian mining giant. “It is the first time that a mining company in Brazil has purchased an ASV and a multibeam sonar to survey ponds located around mining sites, which are usually 100m deep,” explains Franco.

Motion sensors, a small inverter and two 24V batteries were also integrated into the ASV. “It works very well,” says Franco. “We installed the OEM version of the SIM box which provides an easy connection to DC.”

Vale needed highly accurate bathymetric data to enable precise dredge volumes. “The Sonic 2020 integrated with the SL40 was the right solution for that,” says Alex.

“The team at Vale is very happy with the results and they are already planning on buying more, maybe up to 5 ASVs with R2Sonic multibeams,” indicates Franco.

A2 Marine also trained one of the technicians at Vale on the operation of the Sonic 2020. “Following the 10-day training, one of A2 Marine’s technicians flew to Vale to deliver training on the ASV. We stayed available, in case there were any questions,” Franco explains. “But very quickly, the technician was able to perform all the routine functions of the survey by himself.”

Overall, the mining giant has been very satisfied with the results and high-resolution survey data, explains Franco. “It’s been working very well. We are very pleased to be able to offer the Sonic 2020 and ASV for mining applications such as these. Used together, they simplify the process of data collection in key mining sites.”

Multibeam Survey of a Mining Quarry

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R2Sonic Multibeam Echosounders

We offer a simplified portfolio of four multibeam echosounders, all with wideband selectable operating frequencies. What sets R2Sonic apart is the ability to customize each sonar with any of our suite of revolutionary technical modes. You can add any of these options to any multibeam sonar at any time. You can upgrade remotely from wherever you are, whenever you need.

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