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Proving a Gas Leak

eTrac was commissioned to survey a pipeline to confirm the existence of a pipeline gas leak.  The team had visually observed a bubbling-like disturbance at the surface of the water.  In addition to seeking confirmation of the gas leak, the team needed to accurately identify the location of the leak in order to repair it.

The processor imported the data into Qimera and confirmed a plume was observed in the data.

The following images show the existence of a gas leak from different angles

Profile of the plume

Span analysis near the gas leak

Gridded surface near gas leak

Point cloud of the gas leak area with plume rejected from dataset

Point cloud of adjacent area

Disproving the fixed gas leak

After the gas leak was discovered, structures were installed to fix the leak.  The following images were to prove the gas leak was no longer present.  The structures installed on the pipe are clearly visible as is the pipe itself.  The water column is clear with no evidence of disturbance.

Pipeline with support structures and no plume present.

Water column data with no plume present.

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